A bit about DC STONE ...

Wuhan DC STONE Import and Export Co., Ltd is a comprehensive industrial and trading company in high-speed development, covering business in mining exploitation, stone processing and exporting etc. Our holding company was founded in 2004, which is the leading company in the stone field of Macheng City with 57 million USD of sales revenue in 2019.

The granite mining was sole proprietorship developed by DC STONE in Macheng City,which is the Hometown of Granite. The mining area covers more than 60 square kilometers and contains 25 billion cubic meters of reserves, which can be mined for 100 years.

The factory of DC STONE covers 300 mus in Macheng City. The annual production output is 8 million square meters and daily output is around 30 containers.

Processing capacity:
54 sets of single-arm large cutting machines
20 sets of gantry large cutting machines
50 sets of automatic infrared cutting machines
10 sets of automatic 24 axis grinding machines
8 sets of hand-operated edge cutting machines
2 sets of automatic sandblasting machines